L YUUKI (Ba.&Cho.) / KANA (Vo.&Gt.) / MANA (Vo.&Key.) / YUNA (Dr.&Cho.) R

Take a 4-piece band comprised of miracle twins MANA and KANA combined with irresistibly strong rhythmic sounds from YUUKI and YUNA, who coined themselves “NEO” or New Excite Onna Band, and you’ll only get CHAI.
Released in 2017, CHAI’s 1st album 「PINK」 dominated various music charts subsequently causing the band to be one of the most praised and raved about artists both within and outside of the music industry. In 2018, one of Japan’s most widely known entertainment platforms’, Nippon TV, ranked CHAI #1 for their music-based series Buzz Rhythm 02’s “Korewa Buzzuru Zo” show while also taking the #10 spot on one of Japan’s annual music award rankings known as the “CD Shop Awards”!
In the same year, CHAI also released their 3rd EP titled, “WAGAMA-MANIA” which took the #1 spot on Apple Music/iTunes’ Alternative Chart.
Creating their stamp overseas, CHAI signed a deal with US-based indie label Burger Records in February of 2018 and then in August with UK indie label Heavenly Recordings. Having completed 4 successful tours throughout the United States, with performances both as the headliner and opening act in Europe, come October CHAI will embark on their 13-city Europe Tour across the United Kingdom which includes performances in Amsterdam, Paris, and Benidorm.
On February 13th, 2019, CHAI released their 2nd album, 「PUNK」, a follow up to 「PINK」, which featured various TV series’ tie-ups as well as many hit singles including “CHOOSE GO!”, “Fashionista”, “GREAT JOB”, and more!
CHAI successfully completed their US Tour in March of 2019, a Europe Tour in May, and their “CHAI JAPAN TOUR 2019 PINKISH PUNK PUN PUN PUN TOUR” in June performing across 8 cities in Japan, ultimately accomplishing their 1st official worldwide tour!
Without a doubt, nothing could have impacted you more in the 21st century than this “NEOkawaii” band, CHAI!